Rescueline has been active in servicing of motor vehicles since 1990 in cooperation with the largest insurance organizations in Cyprus. Our concern is to provide services to the highest degree of quality, to the customer, in order to strengthen the insurance coverage provided by the insurance companies.

With a portfolio which exceeds 300,000 vehicles and 16 collaborators companies, we understand the responsibility that is ours and respecting the market share we achieved, we have set a corporate goal of maximizing the quality and improvement of the structure of roadside assistance services to the customers. The last three years, we serve approximately 100,000 incidents on average year, providing breakdown services and accident care. The two above services operate independently in separate sections, with personnel acting only for incidents involving their department. The specialization and continuing their education maximizes efficiency and quality.

For better management and control of the customer service areas, we separated our company into three sections. 

A) Customer Service – Calls (require services) Management.          
B) Roadside assistance (customer service units). 
C) Accident care.