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33 platform trucks
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Road Assistance Services

Flat tire? Don’t worry. Emergency road assistance services in case of vehicle breakdown, in any free areas of Cyprus.

  • Mechanical / electrical breakdown
  • Extrication / Winching services
  • Assistance if vehicle is immobilized due to an accident
  • Assistance on fuel / water / oil shortage
  • Boosting / Battery replacement
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Locksmith services

Accident Care Services

Had an accident? One of our trained officers will get to you and take care of everything. Your insurance company will be updated promptly.

  • Photos of the damage and necessary documents.
  • Collection of all necessary data for the claim report.
  • Towing services if needed.
  • Quality checks.

Windscreen Claim Handling

Crack on your windscreen? One phone call is enough and we undertake the process of recording, collecting documents and repairing the damage to the windshield / windshield, instead of your insurance. Without you doing anything, wasting your time.

  • You call directly to us and report the situation.
  • We inform the insurance company.
  • We transport your vehicle to the repair garage
  • After the repair is completed, take your vehicle and leave with no worries.

Call Center Services

A well trained team that can manage situations and solve problems, is available 24/7 for immediate and efficient service.

  • One phone call, for anything you need.
    A call is enough to contact the right service team!
  • Location Finding
    Are you lost? We got you! Click the link in the SMS that we will send you and we will immediately receive the coordinates of your location. We are on our way to help you!
  • Estimated time of arrival
    We use technology to predict how many minutes it will take for us to arrive at your location!

Vehicle Preview Services

Professional vehicle preview, at the request of your insurance company.

  • Accurate and reliable
    Simple and easy processes with the best ally, technology, allow us to be flexible and move fast. We want you to have a fast and reliable service.
  • Detailed inspection of the vehicle
    We carefully check all the details. That is, the condition of the vehicle, its damage history, its interior and exterior perimeter. We take the necessary photos (indoors / outdoors and of the ownership certificate) and along with the detailed control form, we send them to your insurance company.
  • Remote inspection
    Can’t be there? No problem. We can inspect your vehicle virtually and remotely. All you need is your mobile phone, its camera and a tiny drop of time! Do not worry about your personal data. All communication takes place in a secure environment, suitable for ensuring their protection, since we choose to hide them. Their safety is our main concern.