RescueLine in numbers

61 Employees
(and counting!)
100.000 Incidents per year
225.000 Customers
in Cyprus

Who we are

Service provision was always in our DNA. All started in 1990, when by observing around us we identified the need and decided to create the solution. So, we implemented the Road Assistance service which then became part of insurance packages. As genuine tech freaks from day one, we do not like paperwork at all. So tablets are our right hand in recording, which helped our processes to be even more organized and direct.

Our vision?
To provide a unique experience to our customers.

30 years of experience
Greater experience every year and a fresher mentality. These are the key ingredients that make us manage every incident with passion and speed.
Data, data, data
We analyze all the data we need to accurately predict the volume of incidents per day. That way, we are ready, always!
Tech company
We have our own in-house systems that help us develop and improve our services exactly as we want them and as you need them.